Setting general properties

The General page of the Properties dialog can be accessed by selecting File > Properties and clicking the General tab. There are a number of general properties you can specify.

Some properties affect you when working within iBridge Designer:

  • Default number of records to preview

    You can specify the default number of records displayed when previewing table data. When you display the Preview Data dialog, the number of records you specify here will be the maximum number displayed in the dialog. You can change this maximum within the Preview Data dialog itself but whenever you open a new Preview dialog, the default specified here will be used.

Other settings affect the analysts who are using the configuration file.

  • iBridge Show plug-in

    If you have written a plug-in to customize your Show dialog, you need to enter the ID of the component.

  • Always check database structure

    If you turn on this check box, the structure of the database will be checked every time an analyst opens the configuration file using iBridge User in Analyst's Notebook. This may take some time. If this check box is turned off, the structure will not be checked against the configuration and the analysts may encounter errors if any changes have occurred. If you know that the structure of the database is undergoing changes, you may wish to turn this on. If the database structure is very stable, it may be better to omit the check.

  • Can populate cards

    Turning this check box on makes the Populate Cards facility available to the analysts when using iBridge User. This allows them to add the database information you have specified as Card fields into the link chart. This information would then be available to anyone looking at the link chart regardless of whether the database connection is open. Turning this check box off disables the Populate Cards command in iBridge.

  • Base picture path

    If you are charting entities using pictures from the database, you can specify a full or partial path here. This path will be used for any entities using the Chart as Picture feature. The path specified here will be concatenated with any entity specific base path you enter in the Type Properties dialog.