Importing a configuration file

You may wish to import a configuration if you have previously had problems and exported the configuration to send to your supplier or a colleague. They may send it back to you after fixing any problems for you to re-import.

You can import configuration into the configuration file for a connected database,

  1. Select File > Import.
  2. Select the file name of the configuration you wish to import and click OK.
    Depending on what configuration file you currently have open, the results will vary:
    • If the configuration you are trying to import is compatible with an open configuration file, you are warned that the existing configuration will be overwritten by the import. At this stage you may cancel the operation. If you choose to continue, the configuration is imported and your existing configuration is overwritten.
    • If the configuration is not compatible with an open configuration file, a message will be displayed to indicate this. You can still override this and continue with the import but any differences in the structure of the original database and the currently open one will cause the import to fail.
    • If yu do not have a connection file open, the configuration file does not have a connection to a database and therefore cannot be saved, nor data previewed. However, it can be modified, validated and exported. The exported file can then be imported back into its original configuration file which does have a connection to the database, where it can once again be saved.