iBridge Designer

iBridge Designer allows you to connect directly to a database from within i2 Analyst's Notebook®. iBridge provides an active connection allowing you to explore your database and chart information as required. Alternatively, you can retrieve and chart data from the database, then shut down the connection and work offline, looking at the information in a graphical manner. At any time, you can reconnect to the database.

iBridge Designer allows you to define configurations of your database which enable access from within Analyst's Notebook. You can define the structure and access to your database information as seen from within Analyst's Notebook via entities, links and attributes.

When you have defined a configuration to provide an analysis view of your database, analysts can then use iBridge to query the database from Analyst's Notebook and chart part or all of the database as required.

You can define different configurations for analysts working on different projects using the same database.