Editing the connection to a database

If you have moved your database to a different location, you must edit the connection information for any configuration files that are based on that database before you can open them again, either in iBridge Designer or iBridge.

To edit a connection:

  1. Open iBridge Designer but do not open a configuration file.
  2. Select Tools > Edit Connection to display the Select Configuration File dialog.
  3. Select the location and name of the configuration file whose database connection you wish to edit and click Open. The Data Link Properties dialog is displayed.
  4. You can now edit the connection information as required, including the database path.
    iBridge Designer allows you to enter a parameterized value if required.
  5. When you have completed the edits, click OK.
  6. When prompted for issue details, add some comments about the changes you have made to the connection and click OK.
You will now be able to open your configuration file based on the relocated database.