Connecting to a Oracle database

When an application communicates with an Oracle database across a network, Oracle's proprietary network protocol Net8 (previously known as SQL*Net) is used. This means that before you try to connect to an Oracle database within iBridge Designer, you must install and configure Net8 client software on each client computer.

When the Oracle client software is installed and configured on the client computer, you can connect to your Oracle database:
  1. Select File > New to display the Provider page of the Data Link Properties dialog.
  2. Select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle from the list of OLE DB Providers and click Next.
  3. Enter the Net Server name. This is the same you entered Oracle Net Configuration Assistant.
  4. You need only enter the logon information into this dialog if you wish to test the connection. However the analysts will be required to specify a user name and password when connecting to the database from within the Analyst's Notebook.
    If you do not wish the analysts to be prompted for a user name and password, turn on Allow saving password. However this has security implications because the user name and password is saved in the configuration file. When this check box is turned off, you will also be prompted for a user name and password so you may want to work with the check box turned on and then turn it off before releasing the configuration file to the analysts.
    Note: The user name you use when defining the configuration must have the same access rights as the user name the analysts use when opening the configuration file in the Analyst's Notebook. This will ensure that you see exactly the same tables and fields as the analysts.
  5. If you have entered a user name and password in this dialog, you can test the connection by clicking Test Connection.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Enter a location and name for the configuration file when the New Configuration File dialog is displayed and click Save.
  8. If you have not turned on Allow saving password, you will be prompted for your user name and password. Enter these in the dialog and click OK.
Once you have set up your initial connection, iBridge Designer also allows you to define a parameterized connection using the Edit Connection command on the Tools menu.

If you encounter any problems connecting to your Oracle database, contact your System Administrator.