Refreshing the database information

If you change the structure of the underlying database, for example by adding a table, your configuration file will need to be updated to reflect this change. There are two methods of updating a configuration file:

  • Refresh Database Schema

    This tool refreshes the information about the database that is displayed in the Database Page. It should be used when you have made changes that do not affect the database model that you have previously set up in the Types Page.

  • Fix Configuration

    This method should be used when you have made changes that affect the database model. For example, if you have renamed or deleted a table that is used in the database model, or if you have added or deleted a field to or from a table that is used in the database model.

When you attempt to open a configuration file for which the underlying database has changed, you will be given a warning. If you decide to continue, any types that you have created that are affected by the changes will be deleted. Therefore, if you believe that the types you have created will be affected by the changes, you should not open the configuration file, and instead make changes to the configuration file using the Configuration Fixer tool.

If the types you have created are not affected, you can simply refresh the view of the database schema to see database changes, which are shown in the Database Page. To do this, select Tools > Refresh Database Schema.