Fixing the Configuration after making changes to the database

If you are given a warning when you attempt to open your configuration file, it is possible that you have made changes to the database that affect the database model in the Types page. This means that the configuration file has become invalid, because some of the fields and/or tables modeled in iBridge Designer can no longer be recognized.

In this situation, if you simply refresh the database (as described in Refreshing the database information), the types affected by the database changes will be deleted as they are no longer valid. To stop types that you have created from being deleted, you must use the Configuration Fixer tool, to repair the invalid types.

Note: When you are fixing a configuration, make any fixes required to the database tables before fixing any fields. This is because any changes to tables in the database will invalidate any fields in that table, as they will no longer be recognizable. Therefore, after corrections have been made to a table, it will be easier to identify the corrections that should be made to fields.

After saving the changes to the configuration, the database should be opened and re-issued, for the changes to take effect.