Opening a configuration file

You may wish to open a configuration file if you want to make changes to it. Copy the file and make your changes to this local copy. You can then verify that your changes are correct before releasing the file to the analysts by issuing it and copying it back to the central location.

If you copy the central file before editing, mark the centrally located file as read-only. This means the analysts can still open it and use it in iBridge User but they will not be able to publish any sets and queries which would be overwritten when you copy your modified file back to the central location.

To open a configuration file:
  1. Select File > Open to display the Select Configuration File dialog.
  2. Move to the location of your configuration file (.ibg), select it and click Open.
  3. If prompted, enter the user name and password you use to access your database. You may also need to enter a database password.

For verification purposes, iBridge allows you to open a configuration file that is not yet issued, however it must be valid. You will be warned that the file is not issued and asked if you wish to continue.

If you try to open an existing configuration file when changes have been made to the structure of the underlying database, the results will depend on the changes that have been made.