Types of files that are installed with Analyst's Notebook

Templates and specifications that are installed with Analyst's Notebook are used to create charts that can be used for different audiences.

The main template and specification files are:

Template Description
Standard template (Standard.ant) The template that is used as the basis for a new chart when you click File > New > New Standard Chart.
Flag template (Flag.ant) A local template that contains only flag icons. Local templates are selected in the New From Template window, which opens when you click File > New > New from Template.
Report specification (Reporter.rep) This file contains six standard specifications for generating reports by using the Reporter. The report specifications in this file can be used when you click the Publish tab and then click Reports.

As you use Analyst's Notebook you might update the template files. For example, you, might add new entity types, or when you want to create new report specifications. You might also move the location of some files. For example, to create central server copies for regular backups, or when you want to share templates and specifications with other users in your group.

Managing your files means that:

  • Some key templates and specifications can be moved to new folder locations
  • All files can be updated automatically at installation when there are newer versions, or where you edited the original versions
  • You can choose to accept or reject an update where a 'notify' feature is selected
  • The Standard template and Report specification file can be restored later where you either edit the original file or rejected an update at installation.