Displaying, hiding, and resetting panes

You can display or hide any Analyst's Notebook pane from the Options window. If you repositioned or resized any panes during your analysis, you can set a single pane or all of them back to their default visibility, position, and size.

Click File > Options, and then in the Options window click Customize > Panes. Change the visibility or reset the visibility, position, and size of panes:
  • To display or hide a pane, select or clear the check box next to the relevant pane. When you display a pane, it appears at the size and position it was last displayed.
  • To set the visibility, size and position of a single pane back to its default setting, select the pane and click Reset.
  • To set the visibility, size and position of every pane back to their default settings, click Reset All.
    Attention: You cannot undo the outcome of the Reset functions. Before you click Reset All, make sure that you want to reset every pane.