Custom icons

You can use your own images to supplement the icons that are provided with Analyst's Notebook. You can assign custom icons to entity types and attribute classes.

Images must meet the following specification:
  • Bitmap (.bmp) format
  • 8-bit color depth
  • Size as specified in Table 1

Pixels that are colored magenta (RGB 255,0,255) are rendered transparent.

To make your custom icons available for use, copy the images to the appropriate folders specified in Table 1, then restart Analyst's Notebook.
Table 1. Custom icon image sizes and folders.
Type of icon Use Size (pixels) Folder
Entity type Screen 32x32 C:\Users\<username>\Documents\i2\i2 Shared\Custom Images\Screen\Icons
Print 120x120 C:\Users\<username>\Documents\i2\i2 Shared\Custom Images\Printer\Icons
Attribute class Screen 12x8 C:\Users\<username>\Documents\i2\i2 Shared\Custom Images\Screen\Attribs
Print 45x30 C:\Users\<username>\Documents\i2\i2 Shared\Custom Images\Printer\Attribs

Screen and print icons

Screen icons are displayed in the Analyst's Notebook window. Print icons are higher definition versions of screen icons and are used in printouts.

Creating custom print icons is optional; if a screen icon does not have a corresponding print icon, the screen icon is used in printouts. A print icon must have the same file name as the corresponding screen icon.