When you hover over a chart item, an Infotip provides a summary of item data. You can configure Infotips to display the information that is of greatest interest to you.

You can choose which properties Infotips display, and you can configure the order of some of the information. For example, if you work with bank account data you might configure Infotips in the following way:
  • Display the Account Type attribute at the top of the attribute list.
  • Sort the Linked To list of accounts by the value of their transactions with the account that you hovered over.

If the item properties that you choose to display in Infotips contain hyperlinks, a small button appears in the Infotip. You can click this button to open a single hyperlink. If multiple hyperlinks are contained in the item properties, clicking the button opens a list for you to choose which hyperlink to open.

If you do not want to use Infotips, you can disable them and display tooltips instead. Tooltips contain the item label. For links, tooltips also contain the labels of the linked entities and an indication of the link direction.