Using Drag Chart

By default, you can use the scroll bars (or overview pane) to see different areas of a chart, and use dragging to select items on the chart surface. To navigate more quickly around a large chart, you can put the application in drag mode.

When the application is in drag mode, the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand symbol. You can pan to bring different parts of the chart into view by dragging on its surface. Drag mode is enabled in the following ways:

From the right mouse button Click and hold the right mouse button.
From the bottom menu bar Click the Drag Chart option from the bottom menu bar.
From the Ribbon menu Select the View tab and highlight the Drag Chart option with the cursor. Left-click to activate.
From the chart surface Right-click on the chart surface and select Drag Chart from the menu.
From the space bar Press the space bar to toggle Drag Chart on and off.
From the mouse wheel Press the mouse wheel to toggle Drag Chart on and off.