Add information to a chart

To represent the information that you receive, you can add entities and links to your chart, then add information to chart items. Items can store information in properties such as identity and date and time, in attributes, and in cards.

For example, to represent a telephone call, you might perform the following actions:
  • Add two telephone entities to the chart
  • Add a link between the telephones to represent the call
  • Enter a telephone number into the identity property of each entity
  • Enter the call date and time into the date and time properties of the link, and add the call duration as an attribute

To emphasize specific items that you add to the chart, you can modify item appearance. You might identify which items are of interest directly from the information that you receive. Alternatively, you might identify items of interest after you use Analyst's Notebook to analyze your data.

After you add information to a chart, you can use a label to annotate the chart, add a summary, or add a title.