Maintaining file versions

When you upgrade Analyst's Notebook to the latest version, old files are overwritten and new files are installed automatically.

If you changed the contents of your original installed templates or specification between versions, a Replace window is shown when you first start Analyst's Notebook.

You must select one of two options before you can use Analyst's Notebook:

Option Description
Use the updated <file name> (the old file is backed up) Creates a backup copy of your edited file with the name Backup <n> of <file name> in a Backup directory (for example, for templates, C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Templates\Backup), and overwrites your edited file with the latest version.
Keep the existing <file name> Ensures that your edited version of the template or specification file is not overwritten and remains available for use with your latest version of Analyst's Notebook. If you choose this option while you update the Standard template or Report specification, you can reset these files with the installed versions later by using the Templates and Reporter pages of the Options window.