Importing charts

You can import batches of Analyst's Notebook charts that can be viewed and searched like other iBase records.

In addition, if you have charts that contain information you would like to store within your iBase database, you can extract this data.

Loading charts
You can load charts into iBase if you have an entity type that has a document type field.

You load the charts by importing them individually using a standard import, or in batches from a folder. How to import all the charts in a folder, and its subfolders, is explained in Importing Files From a Folder.

Viewing charts
You can view charts without having to open Analyst's Notebook. Using the Chart Viewer, you can zoom in and out, find text, and examine chart item properties (such as cards), all as if you were working in Analyst's Notebook.
Finding text on charts
You can use Chart Viewer to find text on a specific chart.

In an SQL Server database, Search 360 searches for text on any chart, including data records and cards.

Extracting data into iBase
You can use the Chart Item Extractor to extract data from an Analyst's Notebook chart and store it in iBase. You can extract Analyst's Notebook data into iBase directly from Analyst's Notebook when connected to your iBase database or from iBase by opening the Chart Item Extractor and browsing to the required chart.