Depending on your permissions as a user, you can remove entities and links from the database either individually or in batches. When you delete an entity, you also delete all links to that entity but you do not delete the link end entities. Deleting records is a permanent and irreversible operation unless soft delete is enabled for your database.

Depending on the way that your database is configured, you might have soft delete enabled. This means that when you delete records, individually or in batches, you have an opportunity to undo the deletion. Soft deleted records do not appear in search results or when you list and browse records. If soft delete is not enabled, then deleting records is a permanent and irreversible operation.

Finding out whether soft delete is in use

To check the setting of soft delete:

  1. Select File > Properties > Database Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and view the setting of the Soft Delete checkbox (soft delete is in use if the checkbox is turned on).

Deleting single records

To remove an individual record, click Delete or press Ctrl+D. If you are deleting an entity,, then any links from that entity are also deleted.

Note: Your database designer might have restricted permissions for deletion.

Deleting batches of records

Batch Delete, if you have access to it, removes multiple records of a specific type, for example as held in a set or the results of a query. You can only undo a batch deletion if soft delete is enabled for your database.

Restoring and purging deleted records

You can undo the deletion of specific records by using Restore Deleted Records. This is only available if soft delete is enabled on your database. To make the deletion permanent, purge the deleted records.

Note: To undo a purge, you have to restore the records from a backup.