You might need to share data from your iBase database with others. You can export entity and link records, in a format that meets the requirements of the target application.

You can export to any of the following file types and applications:

Text file (ASCII)

You use an export specification to define how the exported data is formatted. For example, you might define which entity or link type to export and how dates and numbers are formatted. If you regularly export data, you can save your settings in an export specification. You can also run a series of export specifications together by using an export batch specification to export a number of records, perhaps of differing entity or link types.

XML file You use a database subset definition to define the entities and links to export.
Microsoft™ Excel You export the selected data to a new spreadsheet that is automatically created for you. You can export multiple entity and link types.
Other Microsoft formats

You can use report definitions to produce reports in these formats:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

  • Rich Text Format (RTF)

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Access.