Managing import and export specifications

All the available import or export specifications that you can access, can be listed. The list displays key information about the specification such as the creation details and the access levels.


  1. In the database explorer window, right-click Import Specifications or Export Specifications, and select List.
    Tip: To add a specification, click New. Either the import wizard or the export wizard is displayed.
  2. To administer the specifications for your database, right-click a specification and then select one of the following options.
    Open To start editing the specification, or to import or export data.
    Rename To change the name of the specification.
    Save As To save a copy of the selected specification under a new name. The name must be unique not just to the category folder but to the whole database.
    Delete To delete one or more selected specifications.
    Categorize To move one or more selected specifications, which might be in different categories, to another category.
    Properties Show system type properties for specification, such as its creation date and user. Only available when a single specification is selected.