Creating import specifications

An import specification defines the types of record that should be created from a set of data. You must use an import specification for each import that you want to complete.

About this task

Before you can import any data, you need to define:
  • The type of data you want to import.
  • The type and format of the source data
  • How you want to manipulate the source data (optional)
  • How you want to validate the source data and match it to existing records.
  • How you want to record the results of the import (optional)
These definitions are created in an import specification that you can create by using the import wizard.
Regardless of your progress in creating an import specification, you can:
  • Save the current specification.
  • Add or view a description of the specification.
Note: To modify an existing import specification; on the first step of the import wizard, click Load.