Changing entity representation

You can change the representation of entities. You might want to change an entity from an icon to a text block, event frame, or theme line.

Entities added to the chart surface can change their representation. Changing the representation changes the appearance, and allows different types of analysis to be carried out.

When you change the representation, you can also change the ordering behavior to follow for entities that have date & time values.

  1. Select the chart items that you want to change.
  2. Click the Style tab, and then click Change Representation.
    The Change Representation window is shown.
  3. Select a representation to change the chart items to.
  4. Select the order behavior to apply to the chart items.
    Leave order unchanged Does not change the order and control of the date & time.
    Remove order from all chart items Sets items to be free - that is not ordered by date & time values.
    Add order to all chart items with date and time If a date & time is detected, the items are set to be controlling.
  5. Click OK.