iBase tools

iBase tools are provided to help you to carry out advanced database administration. Most tools are installed separately to the standard iBase installation by selecting the Extended Features option in the InstallShield Wizard (Search Index configuration tool is installed by selecting the Server option).

The tools, if installed, are accessible from the Windows Start menu in i2 iBase > Tools.

Database Configuration (SQL Server databases only)
You can use the Database Configuration utility to manage connections to SQL Server databases, specifically to set the server name, server login name and the use of Windows security.
iBase Index Service Configuration
You can use the Index Search Configuration tool to prepare the database for Search 360 and to configure the index service. See Setting up Search 360 for details.
Repair Compact
You can use the Repair Compact utility to repair a damaged iBase Microsoft Access database. This utility can also be run from the Tools > Database Administration menu in iBase Designer.
Scheduler Configuration
The Scheduler Configuration dialog allows administrators to set up Scheduler for running batch imports and exports.
Audit Viewer
You can use Audit Viewer to view and manage audit logs for database and security files.