Deploying Analysis Studio

Analysis Studio adds significant new functionality to an existing deployment of i2 iBase. In particular, it enables analysts to enrich their investigations with records from i2 Connect data sources.

After you deploy all the components of Analysis Studio, analysts can:

  • Use External Searches in the Analyst's Notebook Premium desktop client to search for information in data sources that are connected through i2 Connect.

  • Visualize records from both iBase and i2 Connect data sources on charts in the Analyst's Notebook Premium desktop client.

  • Use iBase records as the starting point for external searches. For example, an analyst might look for a record that shares field values with an iBase record.

  • If they have the Export-to-iBase plug-in, export records from connected sources from the Analyst's Notebook Premium desktop client directly into iBase.

To provide these features to the analysts in your organization, you need to understand the iBase database that you already have, and the i2 Connect connectors that you want to use. Everything else is about joining those two things together.