Creating a database index

The Index Service Configuration tool indexes one or more i2® iBase databases. You use this tool to enable the databases for Search 360.

For each database, you can set up an index service and a job schedule. Each time the job runs, it starts the index service, and obtains the location of the iBase database to index from the index database (IBaseIndexDB). No sensitive information is stored in this database as the index service uses Windows™ authentication to connect to the SQL Server database.

To use Index Service Configuration tool, you require:
  • An SQL Server installation on the machine on which you want to create the iBase index database. The tool can only connect to a local instance. The iBase databases to be indexed can either be on the local machine or elsewhere on the network.
  • An SQL Server login with suitable permissions to allow databases and jobs to be created.
  • For each index service, a suitable Windows account or a proxy account