Listing records

You can list the records for a selected entity or link type so that you can review the data and take action as required. All the field values are shown, as well as the label for the entity or link type as defined in the default labeling scheme.


  1. In the left pane of the Database window, select an entity or link type.
  2. Right-click and select Records.

    The records of that type are displayed. You can sort the records by the values in specific columns or change the order of the columns.

  3. To change the number of records that are displayed, enter the number of records in the Number of records to be displayed box, and then click Refresh.
    Note: If there are a very large number of records, you may prefer to use a different method of viewing the records. For example, by using Find or Query in iBase.
  4. To copy the information about records in the list, select the required records, and click Copy to Clipboard. You can then paste the records into another application, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Each record becomes a separate paragraph in a document or a separate row on a spreadsheet.