Semantic types

To benefit from the visualization and analysis capabilities of Analyst's Notebook, assign semantic types to items or attributes to identify their meaning.

Analyst's Notebook recognizes the semantic types that are assigned to data, enhancing the amount of analysis that is available. Item types that have a common semantic parent type are recognized as being related and might be returned in search results.

i2 provides the i2 Semantic Type Library, which consists of a set of entity, link, and property semantic types. These semantic types can be assigned to the entity types, link types, and property types. Some of these semantic types are used specifically by Analyst's Notebook to match entities, for example a national identifier for a person, or a license plate for a vehicle.

If you cannot locate a suitable semantic type, you can derive your own custom semantic type from the appropriate generalized semantic type. A custom semantic type is treated as a specialization of its recognized parent semantic type.