You can add descriptive unstructured information to items by putting the information into cards and add provenance information to them. Typically one card is used for each piece of supplementary information. You can use information in cards during analysis, such as searching.

Card information cannot be displayed on the chart surface.

You can store the following information on a card:
  • A single line of text that summarizes the information.
  • The main information that you want to include about the entity or link.
  • Date and time, including a time zone. Use the date and time that the event or information in the card occurred, the date and time that the information was obtained, or the date and time that you added it to the chart item. Your organization might have guidelines for you to follow. You can choose to add a description of the date and time if the exact date or time is not known such as about 4 pm or around lunchtime. Alternatively you can also use the description to indicate what is represented by the date and time that you entered.
  • Provenance information such as the source, reliability of the source, reliability of the information, or its privacy rating.

To make it easier to manage cards or assign provenance information, add one card per piece or information or one card for each set of information from a specific source. The choice that you make depends on, for example, whether you want to assign different grades to different pieces of information.