Data records

When you chart information from a data source, Analyst's Notebook creates a reference back to the information in the data source. It can also create a record that contains a copy of the item's data from that data source.

The creation of a data record is controlled by the product that you are charting from. For example, if you are charting from i2® iBase, this option is configured in the charting scheme.

The data record that is created forms part of the item. It contains the information that was in the data source at the time that the item was created on the chart.

You cannot edit the content of a data record. If the original data source is updated after the data record was created, the record is not updated to reflect those changes.

If an item contains information from more than one connected data source, it has a data record for each data source. For example, two data sources might contain different information about the same person. When you view a data record, it indicates which data source the information is from.

An item that is charted from a data source has a database identity that links back into the data source. When you are connected to the data source, you can view the data in the data source from within Analyst's Notebook. Depending on the data source and the connection to it, in some cases you can also edit the data to update the data source. When you edit the data source in this way, the item on the chart is charted again and the data record in the chart is refreshed.