Searching the Information Store

You can find records of interest in the Information Store by searching for terms that they might contain, or by using a structured search to look for data in specific properties. You can also use a structured search to discover relationships.

Different search tools in the Search Information Store group on the Home tab of the ribbon fulfill different needs:
Quick Search
Search for text that appears in the records stored in your Information Store. You can filter the results of a Quick Search after the search completes to help you to find the information you need.
Visual Query
Create searches that allow you to find specific structures in the data. You can draw the structure that you are looking for and use conditions to constrain the search.
When chart entities contain copies of records from the Information Store, you can expand to find connected records, and add items that contain copies of those records to the chart.
Expand with Conditions
Instead of copying all the connected records to your chart, you can add conditions to the expand function so that you copy records only of particular types.
Get Paths
You can select two entities on your chart and find the paths that connect them.
Get Matches
You can find out whether selected records on your chart match with records in the Information Store.