Key concepts

When you connect to an Information Store from Analyst's Notebook Premium, you can access the data that is contained in the Information Store, and share your own records.

The data in an Information Store is contained in entity records and link records. You can search for records uploaded by other analysts to use in your investigations. You can copy data from the store to visualize into new charts, and you can enrich existing charts with new intelligence. When you use Analyst's Notebook Premium to create records, you can upload them to the Information Store to share with other people who have the required level of access.

Depending on your deployment, you might have access to connectors that enable you to search for and retrieve data from external data sources. You can work with records from external sources, even if the connector or gateway schemas are not aligned with your Information Store schema. Charts that contain both aligned and unaligned records can be saved locally, or uploaded to the Chart Store for other analysts to work on. You cannot upload unaligned records to the Information Store. Analyst's Notebook Premium tells you if a record is unaligned in both the record bar beneath the ribbon menu and the Record Inspector.

Note: Your organization controls your access to the Information Store and you might not have permission to work with restricted data.