Editing records in i2 Analyze chart items

You can view and edit records in a chart item in the Record Inspector. Depending on the type of record, and your access permissions, you can upload your changes to the Information Store. You can view, edit, and create records even if you are not connected to the Information Store, but you must be connected to search the Information Store or upload any data.

You can edit the i2 Analyze records that you create before and after you upload them to the Information Store. For some other records, especially if they were loaded into the Information Store from an external system, you can edit notes but not property values. Other records still are read-only, and you cannot edit them at all.

After you make edits, you can upload them to the Information Store only if there have been no changes to the corresponding record in the store since you last uploaded or got changes. If changes are available, you must get those changes before you can upload any edits of your own.

When you view the records in a chart item that contains multiple records, or you select multiple items, the Record Inspector indicates how many records there are in your selection. You can page through each record to view and edit its properties or add notes. You can also view a list of the records that are contained in the selected items. Display the list or page view by clicking List or Page.

  1. Click the chart item for which you want to view or edit i2 Analyze records.
    If the Record Inspector is not already open, double-click the chart item to open it. The records that the item contains are displayed.
  2. If the item contains multiple records, one of the records is assigned as the lead record. To assign a different lead record:
    1. Select the record to assign as the lead record in the list view.
    2. Click the More actions button More actions, then click Set as lead.
  3. Select the relevant record in the list view, then click the Page button. There are now several ways that you can edit a record. For example:
    • Edit its property values.
    • Add notes to a record or edit existing notes.
    • View or edit details about a record. For example, set its security information.
    You can choose to enter values for properties that are not listed by using the plus button Add on the Properties page to change which properties are listed. If you remove a property from the property list, any value that is contained in the property is deleted from the record. If you upload your edits to the Information Store, deleted values are also deleted in the Information Store.
    Note: You cannot remove mandatory properties or any property that makes up the label.