Removing hidden items from a chart

If you publish or share a chart, any items that you want to conceal must be deleted. Hiding items does not prevent others from viewing them by using the Reveal operations.

To delete all hidden items:
  1. You might want to save a copy of your original chart before you delete all of the hidden items to publish it.
  2. Ensure that all hidden chart items are fully hidden on your chart (not visible). If Reveal Fully or Reveal in Gray is selected, click the View tab and in the Show and Hide Items group, click Reveal.
  3. Press Ctrl+A to select all the visible items. Then, on the View tab, in the Show and Hide Items group, click Reveal > Reveal Fully.
    All of the hidden items are revealed but not selected.
  4. Click the Select tab and in the Select Items group, click Invert.
    All previously selected items are unselected and the hidden items that were revealed are now selected.
  5. Press the Delete key to delete the previously hidden items that are now displayed and selected.