Hiding chart items

If you are working on a complex chart, you might want to show or hide subsets of the data. Hiding chart items is useful if you want to emphasize areas of your chart or temporarily remove data that is irrelevant or inappropriate for certain audiences.

Analyst's Notebook typically treats hidden items as if they do not exist on the chart:

  • Hidden items are not included in any selection, for example Select All.
  • All links to a hidden entity are also hidden.
  • Hidden items are unaffected by chart operations, for example layouts.
  • Hidden diverted event frames do not cause the theme line to which they are linked to be diverted.
  • Hidden items are only listed in the List Items and List Cards windows when the Hidden Items option is selected.

Hidden items are removed from view, but are not deleted, so you can reveal them on the chart when required. Revealing hidden items causes them to become visible temporarily, but they retain their hidden status. You can make items fully visible or visible with a grayed out appearance by using the Reveal options on the View tab. To remove hidden item status, you must show the items rather than reveal them.

For some chart operations, for example Visual Search, you can choose to include hidden items and reveal them as part of the operation by selecting Reveal Hidden in the appropriate window.

Note: Analysis attributes consider hidden items regardless of their reveal hidden status. For example, if an entity is linked to one visible entity and one hidden entity, the value for its Entity Links analysis attribute is always 2.
To hide items on your chart:
  1. Select the items that you want to hide.
    The selection might be the result of an analysis operation, such as Find Text, Find Path, or Visual Search, or as a result of making a selection such as in List Items or List Cards.
  2. Click the View tab.
  3. If Reveal Fully or Reveal in Gray is selected, you must clear it. In the Show and Hide Items group, click Reveal.
  4. To hide all selected items, in the Show and Hide Items group, click Hide Selected.

    To hide all items that are not selected, in the Show and Hide Items group, click Hide Unselected.

    To hide items, based on criteria that you specify:

    1. In the Show and Hide Items group, click Show and Hide.
      The Show and Hide window opens.
    2. Select an option, then click Hide.
    All Hide all chart items.
    Selected Hide selected chart items only.
    Unselected Hide only chart items that are not selected.
    With Any of the Attributes Hide all chart items that have attributes of any attribute class that you select in the list. Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select more than one attribute class. All attributes that are used on the chart are listed.
    If hidden items exist on your chart, you can choose to show hidden items that meet the specified criteria by selecting an option and clicking Show.