Following a path of linked entities

To explore the selected entity's network, you can choose an entity in the Linked Entities pane and see what it is linked to.

To list all of the onward entities for a linked entity:
  1. In the list, identify an entity of interest, then click it. Analyst's Notebook pans the chart to center the entity in the window.
    Tip: Entities that are connected to many other entities might be significant. The Onward Entities column helps you to identify these entities. To summarize the immediate network of a linked entity, hover over its label in the list. If the entity has 12 or fewer onward entities, a tooltip lists their labels. If the entity has more than 12 onward entities, a tooltip displays the label of the first 10 onward entities, and the number of other onward entities. If an entity has no label, its identity is used.
  2. To see what the entity is linked to, in the list, click the List Linked Entities button beside the entity label.
    The content of the list is replaced.
  3. To list the linked entities for your previous selection, click List Linked Entities again. The icon and identity of the previous selection is displayed again at the top of the Linked Entities pane.