Find a connecting network

To discover whether several entities of interest are connected by a network, you can specify them as required entities in your search, then Analyst's Notebook can search for a network that connects them all, directly or indirectly. If a network is found, it might help you to identify important intermediaries.

Optionally, you can exclude specific types of entity and link, and specific entities, from the search.

For example, you might search for a network that joins several bank accounts that are involved in fraud. The result might identify an intermediate account that distributes money to those accounts and possibly plays a central role in the fraudulent activity. If you determine that the activity of that intermediate account is legitimate, you can exclude it from the search, then search again.

If no single network joins all the entities, then the result can consist of the following elements:
  • One or more networks that include some of the required entities.
  • Single required entities that are not associated with any other required entity.
These results might identify possible gaps in intelligence. Or, you can refute the suggestion that a known network joins all the entities.