Link semantic types recognized by smart matching

Some link semantic types are recognized and used by smart matching.

The following table lists link semantic types for which there is smart matching behavior.

Link types Description
Is Equivalent To (and any type that is derived from this link semantic type) When it is assigned to a link between two entities being compared by smart matching, this link semantic type is recognized by smart matching, and contributes positively to the overall score for the match.
Does Not Match This link semantic type is assigned to a link when you use the Exclude feature of Find Matching Entities.

Link types that are assigned the Does Not Match semantic type are recognized by smart matching and prevent the entities at each end from matching. The link semantic type is used to indicate that the two entities are not representations of the same real-world object, even though there are similarities between the two entities.

Possible Match Between This link semantic type is assigned to a link when you click the Link button in this window. It means that the links are not then found again when Ignore Previously Linked is selected.

Links of this semantic type are found by the Previously Linked Matches option.

Ignored by Matching You can assign this link semantic type to any of the links on a chart to exclude them from Find Matching Entities. It does not prevent two items from matching but the link is ignored as a reason for matching. Links might otherwise be taken into account.