Previously linked matches

You can build up your analysis by linking potential matches that you find. You can then retrieve all of your previous results when you are ready to further resolve those potential matches.

Typically you might choose to run Find Matching Entities with the Smart Matching options, setting different thresholds and the Label Matching option to find potential matches. As a result of these searches, you might be unsure whether the matches are real matches and you might want to do further analysis before you decide whether to merge the entities. You can choose to link the potential matches with links of type Possible Match Between and later use the Previously Linked Matches option to retrieve all the matches that you previously found and linked.

You can choose to retrieve previously linked matches for only entities of the same type or of the same type and with a specific semantic type assigned. You can also choose whether to include hidden entities.

Note: You cannot search background items. If required, use the Send to Background > Foreground All on the Arrange tab to bring all chart items to the foreground.