Displaying base maps

One or more base maps can form the background on which other GIS items are overlaid. Base maps are cached at specific zoom levels, and you can view them only at these predetermined levels.

To display a base map in the Map window:

  1. From the toolbox, select Base Maps.

    A thumbnail of each base map is displayed at the minimum zoom level. As a result, you can see a preview of a map before you display it.

    Note: To see maps that were added to a server after you connected to it, you must restart Analyst's Notebook.
  2. Select the check box for the base map that you want to use.

    Your chosen base map is displayed as the background layer in the Map window. If you select a base map that is not transparent, all the maps beneath it are hidden.

    Note: You can select more than one base map, but they must all use the same coordinate system.