Supported coordinate formats

Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri supports a range of coordinate formats for representing geospatial data. In order to map Analyst's Notebook chart items in Esri, those chart items must contain coordinates in one of the supported formats.

The following table describes all the coordinate formats that Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri supports.

Format Description Example
British National Grid (BNG) Grid reference (a two-letter code), easting value (a three-number code), northing value (a three-number code). NZ346134

Or, with a datum code prefix: OGB-7*NZ346134

British National Grid (Decimal) A pair of values that are each up to 6 digits long. The values in the pair must have the same number of digits. Grid letters are optional. 500100 123099

Or, with a datum code prefix: OGB-A*500100 123099

Decimal Degrees (DD) Degrees north, degrees east. 13.34 90.76

Or, with a datum code prefix: WGE*13.34 90.76

Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) DMS north, DMS east, containing degrees, minutes, and seconds in any of these formats:
  • 35:54:15 14:31:8
  • 35/54/15 14/31/8
  • 35°54'15", 14°31'8"
  • 52°14'36.61", 0°42'57.09"
Note: Do not leave spaces after the symbols for degrees, minutes, or seconds. Do not use 'd' for degrees or 'm' for minutes. For the minute and second symbols, always use the plain quotation mark characters (' and ").
35:54:15 14:31:8

35°54'15" 14°31'8"

Or, with a datum code prefix: WGE*12°34'56" 98°76'54"

Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Grid zone, UTM zone, easting, northing.
Note: Eastings and northings can be up to 5 digits long. You can also enter the grid and UTM zones.

Or, with a datum code prefix: WGE*4QFJ12345678

Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) Hemisphere, easting, northing.
For example:
  • N 2500000 1850000
  • N 2500000E 1850000N
  • N 2500000 mE 1850000 mN
The northern hemisphere is assumed if no hemisphere is specified. For example, the following coordinates give locations in different hemispheres:
  • 2001125.58678e 1666857.45654668n
  • S 2001125.58678e 1666857.45654668n
N 2500000 1850000
Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zone number, hemisphere, easting, northing.
Note: There must be a space after the hemisphere.
11U 465586 3973426