Navigating the Map window

In the Map window, you can zoom in and out, and pan to different parts of the map. You can display or hide the Map window. You can also dock, undock, and resize it.

To zoom in and out of the map:
  • Use the zoom slider control in the upper right of the Map window. Click the icon on the slider, and then drag it up to zoom in, or down to zoom out.
    Tip: You can also zoom in by double-clicking, and zoom out by shift-double-clicking. If your mouse has a wheel, in the Map window, rotate the wheel forward and back to zoom in and out.
To pan to different parts of the map:
  • Select the map, hold down the left mouse button, move the map to a different position, and release.
To pan and zoom to the full extent of a layer:
  • Double-click the layer in the Layers tab.
To resize the Map window:
  • Click any edge, and drag the double-arrow-headed pointer. A gray box previews the new size of the Map window. Release the mouse to change the size.
To undock the Map window:
  • Double-click the double bar in the Map window so that it floats freely. The double bar is displayed at the top or left of the Map window, depending on where it is in the application window.
To redock the Map window at its last-docked position:
  • Double-click the title bar of the floating window.