Displaying dynamic maps

The content of individual dynamic maps can be regularly updated on your Esri server so that you always have the most recent information. Dynamic maps are displayed optimally for the zoom level that you select.

To display a dynamic map:
  1. From the toolbox, select Dynamic Maps.

    A thumbnail of each dynamic map is displayed at the minimum zoom level. As a result, you can see a preview of a map before you display it.

    Note: To see maps that were added to a server after you connected to it, you must restart Analyst's Notebook.
  2. Select the check box for the dynamic map that you want to use.
    The feature layers for your chosen map are displayed.
  3. Select or clear feature layer check boxes to change the information that is displayed on the dynamic map.
    For example, a military dynamic map might contain features for missile targets that can be selected or cleared.

    If a dynamic map is not transparent, all the maps beneath it are hidden.