Add chart items from a data source

After you find information of interest in a data source, you can add corresponding items to your chart. The new information extends the intelligence that the chart contains, and you can use the analysis capabilities of Analyst's Notebook on the information.

Some data sources provide the facility to configure the appearance of data source items when they are charted.

If the item from the data source has the same database identity as an item that is already present on the charting surface, then a duplicate item is not added. Depending on the data source, Analyst's Notebook adds properties to the chart item, and updates the data that is stored in other properties. Some data sources provide the facility to select which chart item properties Analyst's Notebook copies data to.

Tip: If an entity originates from a data source and is represented by a picture from the data source such as a photograph, you can use a different image. For example, you might have an alternative photograph stored on your workstation. You must change the entity to an icon, and then select a picture. To change the representation, click the entity, click the Style tab, then click Change Representation. To select a picture, click Set Picture in the Entity Style group.