Present and publish charts

To present the data on your chart effectively, you can build a sequence of chart items to step through, and you can zoom into multiple areas of the chart. If you publish the chart, you can save the chart in a format that is appropriate for the recipients, and you can print the chart.

When you present a chart to an audience, you can use the Pan through Selection pane to build and step through a sequence of chart items. Or, you can take snapshots to capture the appearance of a chart at particular points in time, then sequentially present the snapshots to show how your chart developed.

To focus attention on multiple areas of a large chart simultaneously, you can split the chart into two or four panes, then zoom each pane to a different area. To create the largest possible area to display the chart, you can enter full screen mode.

You can publish the .anb file that you are working on, if all the content is suitable for the audience. If the chart contains sensitive data, you can save a redacted copy of the chart in which sensitive information is removed. If recipients do not have Analyst's Notebook, you can publish your chart as a PDF file or as an image.

To publish chart data in text format, you can export chart information to a report.