Connecting to a data source

To use a data source, Analyst's Notebook must connect to it. When a data source is connected, you can access its data and use the features that the data source provides.

About this task

If the Connect menu that is in the Data Sources group of the Home tab is disabled, or does not contain commands for the data source that you want to connect to, you need to take more action. For example, to connect to iBase databases, you must install the iBase user application on your workstation, even if the database is stored elsewhere.

Analyst's Notebook connects automatically to some data sources.


  1. Click the Home tab, and then in the Data Sources group, click Connect.
    Analyst's Notebook displays commands that connect Analyst's Notebook to data sources.
  2. To connect to a data source, choose an appropriate command from the list, then if prompted enter further information such as a user name and password.


Analyst's Notebook connects to the data source. Commands that are provided by the data source are added to the Connected Sources and Item Actions menus.

If the Data Sources pane is displayed, and the data source provides access to its features through the pane, the source is selected at the top of the pane. Features that the source provides are displayed in the lower part of the pane.