Creating and editing sets

Sets allow you to name a collection of items. When you have charted a number of entities and links, you can include them in a set so that they can be easily recharted on subsequent occasions. You can create sets for your own private use or you can make them public for use by others involved in your investigation.

  • To create a set:
    1. Do one of the following:
      • In the Selection page of the Data Sources Task Pane , select Add to Set.
      • Right-click on one of the selected items, and select database > Add to Set, where database is the name of your iBridge database.
  • In the Add to Set dialog that is displayed, either select an existing set to add the items to, or click New Set.
You can view the contents of a set, remove items from an existing set and publish or privatize sets using the Set Manager. For more information, refer to Managing sets.