Getting Started

The Data Sources Task Pane, contains common tasks to enable you to use an iBridge database with Analyst's Notebook, for example, to find and query records and to add them to your chart and then expand them to see the items to which they are connected.

Note: You must have opened an iBridge database to be able to use it in Analyst's Notebook, for more information see Opening an iBridge database.
New Use this page to search the iBridge database. For more information, see Searching the database and viewing database properties.
Selection Use this page, for example, to show, view, chart and expand records. For more information, see Viewing and working with iBridge chart items.
Options Use this page to set options to use when working with items that were added to a chart from an iBridge database. For more information, see Specifying general iBridge charting options.

The Data Sources panel is displayed at the top of the Data Sources Task Pane.

You can have more than one open database.
  • to browse for, and open a database, click Open Database
  • is displayed next to open databases
  • databases that you have opened in an iBridge session, which are no longer open, are also listed. To open a database in the list, click on the database name
Note: As you move your pointer over a database in the list, a tooltip containing its location, is displayed.

The number of chart items on the chart, which are contained in the open database(s) is displayed to the right of the database name in the Data Sources panel. If you any of these items are selected on the chart, the number of selected items is displayed.

Click X to the right of the connected database name to close the connection to it.