Specifying general iBridge charting options

The options page is displayed as a tab of the Data Sources Task Pane when you are connected to an iBridge data source. You can use the Options page to set options to use when working with items that were added to a chart from an iBridge database.

Note: The Options page is only displayed when one or more databases are opened in the iBridge session.

General options

Select an option in the General panel to specify what happens when you double-click on an item(s) on the chart.

Option Description
Open their Item Properties Dialogs Displays the Item Properties dialog for the selected items. This is an Analyst's Notebook dialog.
Open their iBridge Show Dialogs Displays the Show dialog for a selected item, or the Show List dialog for more than one selected items. These are iBridge dialogs.
Expand the Items Expands the selected items using the expansion settings specified. For more information, see Specifying expand settings.

Charting settings

In the Charting panel turn on the Only Layout Newly Added Items check box to perform a layout on newly added chart items.