Subscribing to security publications

You can create push or named pull subscriptions for iBase security data. Unless specified below, always accept the default options for the subscription (notice that there are no conflicts for SQL Server to resolve in this type of iBase database).

Before you begin

Before you can start, the iBase administrator should have already created iBase security databases on the Subscribers. These can contain some data but the data is overwritten by the initial snapshot.


  1. Create a subscription and select the following options for the subscription:
    • The Subscriber does not have the schema and data and should therefore be initialized.
    • Depending on the subscription type, set the Merge Agent to initialize the subscription immediately (optional).
    • The Merge Agent should continuously check for updates.
    • The subscription is a client subscription type
  2. Verify that the initial snapshot is applied. For example, check that a rowguid column is added to one of the tables included in the publication, such as the _User table.
  3. Test that replication is working correctly for the new subscription. Use the _User table for this purpose:
    1. At the Subscriber, in the _User table, add a user.
    2. After the change is merged, check the corresponding row in the _User table at the Publisher.
    3. At the Publisher, delete the user you added.
    4. After the change is replicated, check the corresponding row in the _User table at the Subscriber.
  4. Set the polling interval for the Merge Agent to the required frequency. See Setting Up the Merge Agents.
  5. Restrict access to the tables in the SQL Server database. See the Administration Center document Managing Access Control, for details. The information in this document applies to all types of iBase database.
    Note: The iBase administrator who created this database might already have a suitable SQL Server login as they are the database owner but you might need to add the logins for any other administrators to the database.
  6. Back up the databases.
    For more information, see:
  7. Tell the iBase administrator that the security data at the Subscriber is configured for replication.