Supported subscription options

iBase has various supported subscription options.

When you configure subscriptions to a publication that contains iBase data:
  • Configure either push subscriptions or named pull subscriptions
  • Accept all the default settings for the subscription options - the iBase Conflict Viewer is designed to work with the default conflict settings.
  • Use continuous, rather than on demand or scheduled synchronization.
Never use the Pull Subscription wizard to create new subscription databases - databases are always be created by an iBase administrator using iBase Designer.

When you configure subscriptions for a system in which replication is already configured, you should not initialize the schema and data. The databases always have their schema and data, and are synchronized with each other (if the rules for schema changes are followed by the iBase administrators).

When you work with a large iBase database or a slow communications link, you can transfer iBase data to the Subscriber using a full backup rather than download a snapshot. The backup is a standard full backup - there are no specific options that must be set. When you restore the backup, you must turn off the Preserve the replication settings checkbox on the Options page of the Restore Database dialog.