Setting Up Database Replication in SQL Server

Create publications and subscriptions for iBase.

You can create publications and subscriptions for iBase based on:
  • Entity and link data from the main iBase database
  • Security data (this can be shared by several iBase databases)
  • Audit data
And, optionally:
  • Suitable procedures for creating publications and subscriptions are described in the following section. Unless stated otherwise, the procedures are the same for all supported versions of SQL Server.

    For the main iBase database that contains the entity and link data, you publish all the user tables and a specified set of iBase system tables. You do not publish any user-defined stored procedures or views. The procedure is slightly more complicated when the initial snapshot for the main database is too large to download over a communication link. For details of the deployment process used in this situation, see:

  • Overview for Large Databases

For background information on the SQL Server options supported by iBase, see Overview of Supported SQL Server Replication Features.

Note: Only qualified SQL Server administrators should implement replication for iBase databases.